Cured Meats

If you know your Deli, you will love Kosher Center. When it comes to cured meats, cold cuts, pastrami, corned beef etc, you will be surprised when you taste our products. We are talking world class, deli products made in small batches in our shop. However you like it, dripping in fat or extra lean, we have a delicious variety of products for you. This includes our own pastrami, corned Beef, roast Beef, salami, franks, rolled chicken and many more interesting cuts and recepies your will not find anywhere in the world.(including New York). Sold by the weight or enjoyed in a delicious sandwich while you sit in our shop, we guarantee you will come back for more.

Traveling on the beach or in the jungle ?

We can vacuum pack Deli products for you to carry around. Come in for a taste and order as much as you like or call us and we can prepare and deliver to your hotel.

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Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica
Local Tel:   (506) 2232-2991
From USA: (718) 569-2429

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