We offer our customers the best quality meats and cuts. We are expert butchers with over 50 years experience in all matters of Shchita, meat selection and preparation. We have a constant inventory of the finest prime cuts, steaks, ribs, flanken, roasts, ground beef, briskets and many exotic cuts not found in the US.


Whole chickens, and all types of pre-cut chicken products are always available. We also carry whole frozen American Turkey (please call for availability)

Large Orders

We service large beef and poultry orders for hotels, large catered events, Passover etc. Please contact Mr. Baruch Shechter directly.

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Contact Information

Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica
Local Tel:   (506) 2232-2991
From USA: (718) 569-2429

To arrange food before you travel

Please contact Miriam at:

US Cell: (845) 282-3437

Please see our takeout link above

Sorry no American Express.