Costa Rica Kosher Center

Kosher Center S.A. is the only Glatt Kosher establishment in Costa Rica to offer a full range of top quality beef, poultry, cured meats, a full line of bakery products, sit down restaurant, takeout/delivery and catering services. Everything at Kosher Center is made on the premises fresh. All the Deli products are made in small batches on premises. Its a true mom and pop shop with 50 years experience in the meat business and a passion for great food. Come in or call us and let us feed you with the best food you ever had. You will come back to Costa Rica just for the Kosher food. We look forward to meeting you !

Our business hours are:
Mon-Thur:8am-6pm. Fri:8am-4pm Sun: Closed


Everything at Kosher Center is Glatt Kosher, Bishul Yisroel, Pas Yisroel under the strictest standards of uncompromised Kashrus. The Rav Hamachshir is the Mora D'asra of Costa Rica's Orthodox Community, Harav Yitzhak Prober. All bakery products are Pareve. Dont hesitate to call us with questions regarding our shchita and kashrus. You can also inquire directly with the rabbi of the orthodox community at 506-2520-1013. You can access the community's website by clicking here

Touring Costa Rica ?

Dont worry about the food. Call us when you arrive or even before you leave and we will make sure your basic jewish instinct to worry about food remains under control. Regardless of where you stay we can prepare and deliver the most delicious kosher food you ever had. While in San Jose come over and sitdown for the juciest steaks in the world, the best pastrami and deli you ever tasted. Dont take our word for it. Read the reviews on the kosher database click here

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Contact Information

Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica
Local Tel:   (506) 2232-2991
From USA: (718) 569-2429

Before you travel email us @

For takeout menu and delivery info

US Cell: (845) 282-3437

Sorry no American Express.